About The Stock Pile

Your Next Project Starts at The Stock Pile.

The Stock Pile is a 501-C3 non-profit home improvement reuse store in Canton, Ohio.

Used and overstock building materials are donated from local businesses, contractors, and individuals. Our huge selection of doors, windows, sinks, carpet, tile, appliances, paint, and other materials are available to the public at one-third of the retail prices!

The Stock Pile also offers FREE memberships and a 20% discount on everything in the store for elderly, disabled, and low-to-moderate income customers and non-profit customers. Members can also hold items for 3 days before purchase, and they get 35% off on our Sweet Deal Days, the second Thursday of the month!

Discover Canton’s Biggest Home Improvement Reuse Store!

The Stock Pile is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and offers huge savings to elderly, disabled, and low-to-moderate income customers!

The National Association of Home Builders statistics indicate that 75% of construction waste is recyclable material.

We help
reduce waste
& improve homes.

Over 1,000 tons of reusable materials have been saved from landfills and over 7,000 families have improved their homes at The Stock Pile.

By making reusable building materials available to the public at 1/3 of retail prices, The Stock Pile helps improve sub-standard housing in North East Ohio and helps reduce waste by saving these materials from entering the waste stream and ending up in the landfill.

Substandard housing and poverty are growing problems in Stark County and The Stock Pile is dedicated to helping residents of Stark, Wayne, and Tuscarawas Counties improve their homes and their lives.

Building community together.

We serve
our community

The Stock Pile offers FREE donation pickups to businesses and individuals. The Stock Pile saves businesses money by eliminating the need for trips to the dump or the cost of a dumpster.

Plus, businesses and individuals can use all their donations as tax write-offs. Let The Stock Pile help clean out your garage, business, or home for free just call (330) 455-4585 to schedule a pickup.

The Stock Pile Reuse Store is a project of the Stark County Regional Planning Commission. The Stock Pile is overseen by Rachel Forchione, The Stock Pile Project Coordinator from SCRPC and by a 7 member board of directors.

The Stock Pile’s funding is self-generated through handling fees of donated home improvement supplies and support from The Stark County Regional Planning Commission. The Stock Pile is dedicated to keeping prices as low as possible.

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