Deconstruction Services

Deconstruction Services

We remove reusable materials & save you money through tax-deductions

Let us do the work on your next remodel, renovation, or demolition.

You Save Money & Reduce Waste.
We do all the Work.
Families Improve their Homes for Less!

Homeowners and business owners – You can offset the costs of your next remodeling or demolition project by letting The Stock Pile help deconstruct and remove reusable material.

The Stock Pile works with homeowners, businesses, and home builders to identify and remove items suitable for reuse. Our experienced staff will carefully remove donation items from your home or business for resell to families in-need.

Homeowners save on labor and disposal costs in addition to earning a tax deduction for all donated materials. All salvaged items are sold at a discount at The Stock Pile Reuse Store, which is open to the public and offers extra discounts to elderly, disabled, and low-to-moderate income families.

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What will The Stock Pile deconstruct?
The Stock Pile offers partial deconstruction services for full homes or individual rooms. For example, The Stock Pile will remove items like cabinets, doors, windows, but The Stock Pile does not typically remove framing or structural elements.

The Stock Pile deconstructs buildings scheduled for demolition, and we can also deconstruct kitchens, bathrooms, or other rooms being remodeled.

All deconstruction projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To see if our services will fit your needs, schedule a deconstruction consultation or call for more information.

Schedule a deconstruction consultation:
Call (330) 455-4585 or Email our Deconstruction Department

How much does The Stock Pile deconstruction services cost?
The Stock Pile’s deconstruction services are FREE to the home or business owner. We are happy to offer our services to help reduce waste and help families-in-need get low cost access to quality building supplies.

A deconstruction does cost The Stock Pile approximately $250 in staffing, transportation, supplies and tool maintenance. Typically, a private deconstruction contractor will cost a homeowner at least $500 and provides no opportunity for a tax deduction.

If you are pleased with The Stock Pile’s deconstruction services you receive, consider making a financial donation to partially cover the costs of your project. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated!

Will I receive a tax deduction for items salvaged during my deconstruction?
The Stock Pile is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and donors will receive an itemized receipt of all the items removed by The Stock Pile during a deconstruction. The Stock Pile will dispose of waste or other non-reusable items created during a deconstruction.

Donors can deduct the value of all reusable items removed during a deconstruction. Business donors may receive tax deductions in accordance with IRS Code Section 170e3 for appreciated property.

What types of materials will The Stock Pile salvage?
Stock Pile salvages building materials and home improvement materials that are still in reusable condition.

During a deconstruction, The Stock Pile typically removes items like:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Reusable Siding
  • Light Fixtures
  • reusable carpet – in good condition
  • Working Appliances, less than 5 years old

The Stock Pile is always interested in excess or gently used building materials, furniture, and appliances that are in reusable condition. Reusable generally means that the item is clean, intact, usable, and operational. If you have an questions, please call 330 455-4585.

Does The Stock Pile offer demolition services?
The Stock Pile does NOT offer demolitions services. The Stock Pile deconstruction program only offers partial deconstructions services. Partial deconstruction services means The Stock Pile removes only reusable building supplies. The Stock Pile does not remove items that cannot be reused or deconstruct structural elements of homes or buildings like framing, brick, or roofs.

The Stock Pile does not offer demolition services, but we are happy to coordinate with your demolition contractor to schedule our deconstruction services.

How long does a deconstruction project take to complete?
The deconstruction of one room like a kitchen or bathroom generally takes one day to complete. Multiple room or a full house deconstructions can take several days to complete.

How do I get my deconstruction started?
Call or email The Stock Pile for a consultation to see if our program is suitable for your needs. Photos of your home or business are very helpful. The Stock Pile will then schedule a visit to your home or business for a 15-20 minute inspection of the area to be deconstructed. If the project meets our donation and safety requirements, we will schedule the most convenient date for your deconstruction, subject to availability.

When I can schedule my deconstruction?
Following a consultation by phone or by email, we can schedule your deconstruction approximately two weeks in advance. Schedule availability is constantly changing and we strive to schedule clients’ projects as quickly as possible.

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